Cloud Native Applications

We build beautiful, modern applications using cutting-edge web technologies. We live and breathe microservices and serverless technology to give you a low-cost solution and better time to market.

Cloud computing is a natural fit for lightweight apps backed by a serverless backend, where the underlying platform takes care of everything from the runtime environment right down to the hardware: you need only supply your business logic and the cloud takes care of the rest.

On top of cloud services we harness technologies like Progressive Web Applications (PWA), service workers, web assembly and GraphQL to provide responsive, fast and engaging applications.

If you want to build a lightweight, robust and scalable platform – or if you want to give your users a seamless native experience on any device – then Mechanical Rock has the right solution for you.

Key Features / Benefits


Build business applications quickly


Reduce TCO and build costs dramatically

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Deliver scalable & reliable services effortlessly


Unlock your digital business agility

Case Studies

SMART Apps Mobility Solution

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) meet Serverless backends to deliver a cloud native mobility solution.

Cloud Native Factory

a solution that allows Cloud Native applications to be built using shared architectural patterns via AWS Service Catalog.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A microinvestments platform with a serverless CQRS back end and React Native front end.

QCollect Hardware Integration

A mobile platform which integrates a web app with a physical parcel locker via cloud services.

OpsMaps Web Visualisation

A mobility solution for visualising maintenance assets in a highly complex technical environment.

Kubernetes Backoffice

The first production deployment of an AWS managed Kubernetes (EKS) service in Australia.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A mobile platform allowing SME providers to connect with INX Enterprise platform users quickly and easily.

A Capability Report on Progressive Web Apps

Native device support, multi-platform, instant updates, offline support and frictionless deployment

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