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Cloud computing has unlocked new opportunities for organisations to leverage technology. As AWS Advanced Partners, our goal is to help organisations move faster and innovate in new products or markets.

Why AWS?

AWS embodies innovation and customer obsession. Mechanical Rock is obsessed with delivering sustainable value for our customers so AWS are our perfect partners.

Mechanical Rock uses many of the more progressive AWS Products and Services, including:

  • DynamoDB
  • Kinesis
  • Cloudformation
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Lambda
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • AppSync
  • Cognito
  • Fargate
  • SageMaker
  • Plus many more...
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DevOps and the Cloud is a match made in heaven.

The cloud supplies the advanced technology and managed services which remove the ‘undifferentiated heavy lifting’ from your business, while DevOps supplies the processes and culture to move faster and leverage the advantages of cloud computing.

Mechanical Rock have the AWS DevOps Competency and principles like “infrastructure-as-code”, continuous delivery and automation are at the heart of everything we do.

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Now it is possible to build and deploy a mobile application across the world in a matter of hours. Using AWS services like DynamoDB, Cognito, SNS and Lambda we can build and provision a mobile application for you that is robust, reliable and secure and offers a slick, device-native experience for your users.

Mechanical Rock have the AWS Mobile Competency and specialise in using progressive web, serverless and cloud native technology that is cost effective and scalable.

Read about our SMART Apps project, a mobile productivity solution for Woodside.

Heavy Lifting


Serverless applications (using AWS services like Lambda, DynamoDB, AppSync, Cognito etc) abstract away nearly all of the underlying infrastructure and allow teams to focus on core business logic.

They provide efficient and scalable ways to build applications for now and into the future. Mechanical Rock have deep knowledge of serverless technology and are an AWS Global Serverless Specialist.

Case Studies

SMART Apps Mobility Solution

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) meet Serverless backends to deliver a cloud native mobility solution.

Cloud Data Migration

An automated data pipeline allows repeatable and secure data transfer across the globe.

Deployment Automation

Automated delivery pipelines for container based compute deployed on ocean going vessels.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A microinvestments platform with a serverless CQRS back end and React Native front end.

QCollect Hardware Integration

A mobile platform which integrates a web app with a physical parcel locker via cloud services.

OpsMaps Web Visualisation

A mobility solution for visualising maintenance assets in a highly complex technical environment.

Cloud Native Platform

A cloud native platform which enables developers to deliver secure, compliant cloud services quickly and easily.

Kubernetes Backoffice

The first production deployment of an AWS managed Kubernetes (EKS) service in Australia.

Cloud Native Mobile App

A mobile platform allowing SME providers to connect with INX Enterprise platform users quickly and easily.

DevOps Capability

Immutable infrastructure, build pipelines and a move to rigorous development practices to enable speed and scale in the cloud.

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