Enterprise DevOps and Transformation

Delivering software quickly and securely is essential to thrive in this digital economy. This requires organisations to transform the way they operate in order to meet increasing demands in a volatile environment. The approach, speed and success of these transformations is critical for short to medium term organisational performance and can be existential over the long term.

At Mechanical Rock we understand that a successful digital transformation requires just as much focus on the people as it does on the technology. We follow a structured approach to help guide and support you throughout your transformation journey:

  • Help you to understand your position in the new competitive landscape
  • Help you establish a clarity of purpose and put the right metrics in place
  • Focus on building the culture that will best enable you to succeed - starting with your leadership community
  • Automate, automate, automate - to make space for creativity and innovation to thrive
  • Embed the discipline and rhythm of continuous improvement

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Case Studies

Heroku to AWS migration

Improving security while building internal capability on the AWS Cloud.

Shift Left With Behaviour Driven Development

Reduce the cost of delivery 7x and improve feedback loops 2000x with BDD and TDD practises.

Performance Test

A resuable performance testing solution for the launch of the new myRAC website.

Cloud Native Platform

A cloud native platform which enables developers to deliver secure and compliant cloud services quickly and easily.

DevOps Adoption

Driving DevOps and Agile software delivery capability to capitalise on a migration to the cloud.

DevOps Capability

Immutable infrastructure, build pipelines and a move to rigorous development practices to enable speed and scale in the cloud.

A Fully Automated Serverless Data Platform

A fully automated and self healing AWS and Snowflake platform for self service analytics.

A Simple and Scalable Data Warehouse and Pipeline

More efficient DataOps with dbt, Snowflake and AWS.

Web based mobility solution

A modern and responsive workforce app which harnesses the cloud to deliver a mobility solution at a fraction of the cost.

Rearchitected Cloud Application

Reliable and scalable architecture for a .net application which enabled features to be delivered 30 times faster.

Accelerating Cloud Capability

A secure platform for rapid innovation, delivery and collaboration in the cloud.

Cloud Native Factory

Accelerating developer productivity in the cloud to go from zero to a cloud native solution in days.

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